Latest RockAddiXion News

  • Sep - Dec 2009 Working on our new repertoire.
  • May 2009 Welcome to our new female voice, Sabine.
  • 13.12.2008 Private Concert.
  • Oct 2008 Alvin and his bass are back
  • 24.05.2007 Live at Mr. Pickwick's pub, from 21h00.
  • March 2007 Florian is back with us at the drums and we have a NEW singer: Alain!
  • 16.12.2006 Live at Mr. Pickwick's pub, featuring Bex Marshall, starting at 22:00
  • 15.12.2006 Private concert for Swisscom
  • 02.12.2006 Live at Course de l'Escalade, Uni Dufour Genève, from 20h
  • 29.09.2006 Concert in Heuboden (ZG)
  • 31.3 & 1.4.2006 Back at Mr Pickwick pub, from 21h45 featuring Bex Marshall from England!
  • 14 & 15.10.2005 Live at Mr Pickwick pub, from 21h45. Bex Marshall is back with us!
  • 13.06.2005 Gena Festival is over! Photos and Videos are available in the Downloads section.
  • 11.06.2005 RAX will team up with UK Singer Bex Marshall for a joint appearance at the
    GENA Festival, Avully (GE) on:
    June 11th 2005 at 21h45. 

Bex Marshall is one of the most exciting singer songwriters to emerge from the London scene in years. A stunning young guitarist, she exudes excitement and charisma as she performs solo or with her band on stages across the globe. Her clever and imaginative lyrics invite you in to her world and her mellow tones capture the imagination and captivate her audience.

Her songs, whilst contemporary, are destined to become timeless classics.

A gregarious character, Bex commands the stage. Her cheeky rapport and obvious sex appeal couple with her brilliant talent to create an artists with Presence.

  • 16.4.2005 RAX is currently recording a demo at Clare Sound Recording Studio.

  • 15.1.2005 RockAddiXion is officially created by Marc, Jaco, Peter, Darko and Bruno.